Average Cost of a Peterborough House Cleaning Service

There are two types of house cleaners: individual house cleaners and house cleaning companies. Here’s a closer look at each type of house cleaner:


Individual Housekeepers

Individual house cleaners work for themselves; a cleaning service does not employ them. You must be aware of the fact that while most of them have insurance, some do not.

Additionally, their insurance might not be as extensive as the insurance of a trustworthy cleaning service. Some independent cleaners, though, are just as dependable and trustworthy as reputable businesses.

However, because they do not have to worry about high operating expenses, they are able to set lower prices. An individual housekeeper typically costs $30 to $60 per hour to hire in Peterborough.

Small, Locally-Owned Cleaning Businesses

Compared to independent cleaners, locally owned cleaning companies run a more organized business. The fact that many of them are bonded and insured gives you, the client, some peace of mind.

You are safeguarded in the event that you are not pleased with their work or that something is damaged while they are cleaning. They might, however, cost more than hiring a freelance cleaner.

In Peterborough, small business cleaning companies typically charge between $40 and $70 per hour. Of course, it might still differ between businesses.


Depending on the type of clean it will cost more or less:


General Cleaning

Standard or basic cleaning are other names for general cleaning. It entails weekly tasks completed to prevent an excessive buildup of dust and dirt in your home.

Homeowners typically use this service the most because general cleaning should be done on a regular basis. If you schedule a recurring cleaning service these prices can actually go down by 10%-15%.

Recurring Individual: $30-$45 per hour

Recurring Business: $35-$50 per hour


Deep Cleaning

The difference between deep clean and general clean is that you clean more thoroughly and pay closer attention to areas that have been overlooked. For instance, you might clean the outside of your kitchen appliances as part of general cleaning. During a deep clean you clean both the exterior and interior of these objects. It requires more effort and cleaning supplies, and it takes longer to complete. Because of this, deep cleaning is more expensive than general cleaning.

Individual: $40-$60 per hour

Business: $50-$70 per hour


Post-Construction Cleaning

If you’ve ever undergone a significant home renovation, you are aware of how challenging the cleanup can be. This is particularly true if you enjoy doing DIY projects and have to deal with the leftovers by yourself.

Construction debris and other materials pose a risk to you and your family. You might easily step on sharp objects, trip over pieces of wood, and more.

The good news is that most cleaning businesses provide this kind of cleaning service as well. Once the construction project is complete, they have the staff and resources to clean your house.

The difficulty in estimating an average cost for this kind of cleaning is a problem. Typically prices are based on square footage of cleaning required.

Here are some examples:

1000 SQFT: $300

1500 SQFT: $400

2000 SQFT: $520

2500 SQFT: $650

3000 SQFT: $780